Jeg hedder Harinder og kommer fra Punjab i Indien. Jeg har lært at lave mad siden jeg var barn. Min mor har lavet mad til mig da jeg var barn og hun lavede verdens bedste mad. Jeg har de gammel opskrifter af indisk traditionelle mad og vil gerne del sammen med jer. 



The history of Indian food ranges right back from the Harappan times. In this era, wheat, rice, millet, chickpeas and lentils formed the staple of the average diet. Several citrus and other fruits were used to add flavour. The popular use of cinnamon can also be dated back to these times. The grains were made into stews or soups in which cinnamon was used. Eventually, grain started being baked into flat breads which are today popularly known as chapatis or naan.


ndians are truly passionate about their food and they always treat their cuisine with incredible seriousness. Cooking food is regarded as a creative art and cooking techniques and recipes are handed down from generation to generation in Indian families. Young girls are encouraged to master culinary skills from very early in life. Indian restaurants are always teeming with guests, which is again a sign that Indians love to eat and enjoy having authentic Indian food irrespective of wherever they are.


I knew from an early age that Indian food was great, because my Mom made an amazing chicken curry on a regular basis. When she served it, we had little bowls of chopped peanuts and raisins to sprinkle on top. That struck my five year old mind as the coolest possible topping for any dish, and I spooned crunchy peanuts on with abandon, my chubby fingers sticky with bottled mango chutney. I remember reveling in the creamy, lightly spiced sauce as it soaked into soft rice, with the crunchy and sweet accents of the garnishes.  It was a lesson that stuck with me.

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